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The Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix are almost the same but in shape. The Ultimatrix is much longer and looks nothing like a watch. The Ultimatrix is possibly not that hard to be destroyed as opposed to the Omnitrix which can easily be destroyed. Azmuth created the Ultiamtrix as a replacement in case the Omnitrix was destroyed or heavily damaged in battle. Ben will get the Ultimatrix in the Alien Force Finale. A picture of the Ultimatrix is shown on the wiki site. The Ultimatrix will have some of Ben's old aliens as it is also directed to the Codan Stream on Primus. Hope I can help answer your question . If I didn't do it right Ben 10 Ultimate Alien( Ben 10 Evolution)is coming in March as well as the final of Alien Force so watch it and you will find out.

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